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Can Heavier People Really Be Healthier?

Scientists call it the obesity paradox, the notion that being overweight or moderately obese lowers the risk of an early death. They have documented the phenomenon in large population studies and in groups of patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

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How much exercise is required for Young Adults?

As per the current recommendation, all youngsters as a must, should involve in no less than an hour of activity every day. Exercise not only helps to burn calories but also increase your endurance towards the cardiovascular issues. What's more?

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I am always tired. What can I do to change it?

It is definitely not good when we underestimate ‘not getting enough sleep’. Sadly, given our bustling lives with work and family and different commitments, a huge number of us don't get enough rest.

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I am planning to go all vegetarian. What according to you I can do to get the right amount of protein that I need?

In light of the fact that numerous individuals who begin eating a vegan or vegetarian diet essentially simply dispose of the meat from their eating regimen and compromise on their protein requirements. It is great that you are concerned about it.

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I’m really curious to know how do they treat Vitamin D deficiency?

Very Simple! Remember that it is a deficiency. So, basically the treatment likely includes the getting more vitamin D – either through your diet or supplements. In spite of the fact that there is no agreement on vitamin D levels required for ideal wellbeing...

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Is eating smaller meals, more frequent meals better if you are overweight?

It is always advisable to have 5-6 small meals per day.

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