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You are what you eat, don't be a doughnut.

Diet and nutrition are trendy terms today. Everyone wants to follow a diet, just because a friend told them to or it was over hyped by the media. But how many of us actually understand the meaning of good nutrition and a proper diet? Most people think that a diet means starving or going on a crash diet like only soups or fruits or rice etc. But common sense says if you live on single food items like soups or salad, you cannot meet your nutritional needs?

Besides that, aren't you going to look weak and ill? The answer is yes, and you can end up with a fracture or an acne attack. Then why do people still opt for these diets? Quick results, lack of knowledge, want to try something different; the reason could be just anything. However, the final result is the same! Poorly nourished bodies that are susceptible to range of health issues. And then, for most people popping a pill seems easier than following the right path to good health.

Gone are the days when we ate just to survive. Today it is about survival of the fittest. A balanced mind, body and soul is what is needed, and good balanced nutrition plays a very major role in preparing you for the best.

The food we eat on a daily basis contains nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats along with a variety of vitamins & minerals that perform important functions in the body to make it strong and healthy. Just like expensive new cars require the best quality fuel to run smoothly & efficiently, the two-legged vehicle (your own body) needs the right kind of nutrition for all the organs, muscles & joints to function optimally. There is no ONE food that does the magic; it is a combination of variety of foods which provides a host of nutrients which in totality contributes to your health. A balanced diet is the one which gives you all the nutrients and includes foods from all groups like cereals, pulses, fruits & vegetables, milk & milk products, meat & eggs. A bank helps you to save money so that you can be financially independent and lead a stress-free life as you age; similarly good nutrition acts like a bank for you to age gracefully without being dependent on medicines for deadly diseases like diabetes, heart attack, blood pressure etc. There is enough room for good nutrition in our lifestyle as much as for wrong nutrition but unfortunately the wrong kind of nutrition receives more advertising dollars, fame & holds more appeal. Just like you bathe daily, following the proper nutrition pattern should be a way of life and not a fad.

Few tips to eat healthy!!

  • Include good amount of fiber in diet through fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Keep deep fried and sweets only for special occasions like festivals/ birthdays/ anniversaries.
  • Choose low fat milk and milk products.
  • Choose lean meats like chicken/ fish/ eggs.
  • Have raw salads at least once a day.
  • Have 2-4 fruits/day.
  • Drink 35ml water per kg of body weight.
  • Use blend oils or rotate the oils every month to get all the essential fatty acids.
  • Snack on nuts, sprouts, eggs or roasted pulses.

After all, you are what you eat! Don't be a doughnut. Eat healthy, live well!